Family transfer

You have been running your family business for years. Very often it has been managed in the family for several generations. You’ve decided it’s time to pass the baton and to pass on your business to a family member. All this, trying to perpetuate the family professional values.

Asking oneself the right questions

Indeed, the family transfer of your company implies many challenges for the member taking over but also for your future and your retirement.

Upstream, a fundamental reflection is essential because the psychological aspect has an important role. There are many advantages to transferring one’s business to a family member because, in general, its development is perpetuated with a common vision that makes it possible not to impose radical changes. However, it is important to ensure a certain continuity in order to obtain the support of your teams for this change in management, to reassure your partners, and thus guarantee the durability of your business.

Likewise, it is equally important to ensure that the family member(s) taking over your business have the necessary skills and motivation to run it properly. The family member(s) taking the business over must want to do so and have the right stature.

Finally, you should be vigilant because this involves a transfer of assets, and other members of your family must not be harmed by this transaction. To be accompanied by a professional is necessary in order not to make any mistakes. It will also protect you from possible family conflicts in order to best preserve family equity and not destabilize your business.

What types of transfer?

Family transfer is a practice that has an excellent success rate. Moreover, tax and inheritance laws facilitate family transfer and considerably reduce the involved cost.

Family transfer can take place through different procedures:

Simple donation
or shared gift

A member of your family receives all the shares of your company, when other members receive non-business assets or a sum of money.

"Dutreil agreement"

It allows several tax deductions such as a 75% reduction in the basis of payable donation fees; each child can also accumulate a 100,000 EUR deduction, and thus considerably reduce the required fees..

Takeover holding

This solution can prove to be a perfectly adapted tool when a transfer avails itself of external financing.


A delicate operation that requires a great deal of expertise


As you may have noticed, this type of operation requires a solid experience of the market, the standards in force, the tax mechanisms involved, as well as support upstream, during the transaction and after it has occurred.

To make the right choices, DSO collaborators will support and advise you throughout the process. Comprehensive support is the keystone to preparing your future in the best possible way.

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