Payroll and social law management are delicate and time-consuming tasks, our firm, DSO, based in Nice, allows you to outsource all or part of these functions.

Discover 5 good reasons to outsource payroll tasks:


Stay connected on your core business

  • By freeing you from a complex process: constant changes in legislation, compliance with the deadlines for declarations to the various bodies…
  • By optimising and controlling your budget
  • By freeing you time to fully refocus on your core business and your high added value activities
  • By reducing your entrepreneurial responsibility by relying on the expertise of a qualified expert

Being supported by qualified experts

  • We offer you a tailor-made collaborative solution: inputting payroll variables, validation, consultation, information sharing, archiving…
  • You will work with a dedicated payroll specialist:
    • Payroll processing,
    • Pay slips check,
    • Calculation and sending of monthly and annual declarations
    • Realisation and managing of employee accesses and exits
    • Establishment of declarations and certificates in case of illness, maternity, paternity, accident
    • Parameterisation according to the needs and developments
  • We offer you a personalised support:
    • As soon as you start using the solution, you will have the opportunity to make use of an assisted data entry process
    • A contact person is available to answer all your questions, at any time

Opt for reliability and security

  • Our secure platform has a pre-configured legal and collective bargaining database: including 600 collective bargaining agreements
  • Real-time data update (Saas mode)
  • Legal and social monitoring
  • Complex legal and collective bargaining parameter setting
  • You have a secure access

Thanks to our solution, you avoid errors, you make your data reliable, your payroll is always compliant and confidentiality is preserved

Gain in productivity and agility with an innovative solution

  • Choose a simplified solution: immediate deployment, easy browsing…
  • The input mode is assisted by variable and not by pay slip
  • The payment of salaries is facilitated: automatic generation of SEPA files
    with transmission to the bank
  • You can export all accounting entries regardless of the format

Optimise Your Organisation

  • A solution adapted to companies of all sizes (multi-companies and multiple agreements)
  • Variable data entry is carried out continuously and validation is established at the end of the month for the edition of pay slips
  • You can enter variables linked to the employee activity without time limit
  • You have accesses that can be fully parameterised according to the rights and authorisations defined for each user. The entry of the pay slip can be disconnected from the slip itself
  • The reports can be consulted at any time: pay slips, payroll journal, payment statement, expense report, details of contributions, individual master records…
  • The reports can be parametrised according to the requirements