You’re a startup creator

You had a brilliant idea, designed a service, a product, a technology that makes you unique and allowed you to embark on this unique entrepreneurial adventure that is the creation of your startup.

Creating your company, but targeting what?

Your purpose is to bring benefits to your company by improving the satisfaction of your customers and meeting their new expectations. Innovation is not an end in itself: it gives you the opportunity to create wealth by radically transforming the world… or by simply taking it to a higher level of well-being.

To be an entrepreneur, alone or with partners, means to embark on an adventure marked by decisive steps. More than any other, the business model of a startup will require vision, combativity, agility, resilience and strength of conviction on your part. Following the right path will allow you to see your idea blossom and meet its market.

Make the right choices at the right time for your startup.

The development of your company will lead you to file patents, design prototypes, carry out clinical trials, test new algorithms… an eminently complex process where the need for receiving privileged advice is essential.

As you move forward in the evolution of your startup, from its creation till the opening of new markets or its resale through seeding, an MVP launch, the recruitment and growth, you need to make the right decisions because they can change the future of your young company’s history.

The search for funding, a step that can change everything.

Let’s take the example of fundraising, a crucial stage in the life of a startup. Welcoming investors to your corporate capital requires special analysis, as it involves dilution of the founding partners capital and the loss of some of your decision-making power.

Being an accounting firm specialised for more than 10 years in the support to startups, DSO provides you with an expertise that will lead you to set up the action plan that will allow you to achieve an optimal fund raising that will protect your interests.

Our firm supports you throughout the entire process:


Prior to the fundraising: the analysis of your company's life cycle, the implementation of a forecast and business plan; the creation of the pitch deck; the execution of a legal audit; the optimisation of the tax situation of your company; the mastering of the social aspects...


During the fundraising process: we advise you during the negotiation of the letter of intent and the due diligence analyses; we study the implementation of a management package...


After the fundraising: establishment of overview and performance monitoring dashboards (evaluation of your cash flow, preparation of annual accounts, etc.); setting up reporting tools for investors, etc., and then, when the time comes, calculation of the investors exit fee.


Our team of accountants and chartered accountants will assist you on a daily basis

Our multidisciplinary team, focused on the human dimension, young and passionate, lives this entrepreneurial adventure at your side. The team members are caring and have a good understanding of the specificities of your ecosystem; they have, for example, a specific knowledge of the existing financing schemes and will help you to obtain the one that is most relevant for your structure and your project.

Our goal is to be the partner who will help you make your ambitions come true by providing you with the resources and expertise of a leading independent firm on the French Riviera, since 1997.

DSO is also a network of specialised experts to which you have privileged access: intellectual property and innovation law lawyers, accelerators, banks, business angels, incubators…

Would you like to take our accounting firm on board to help you develop your startup?

Discover all the activities with which we can help you to manage your company: from strategic consulting to creation, or from financing to accounting, to the management of legal, tax and social issues concerning your company.

We are at your side at every step of your path.


Take advantage of innovative tools

Our engineers will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of an ultra-connected world through innovative tools.

Take advantage of innovative tools

Our engineers will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of an ultra-connected world through innovative tools.